April 28, 2018 – Market Update

Good morning, SD Capital Funding’s Back with this week’s market update.
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The economy is firing on all cylinders! An overwhelming positive earnings season is adding fuel to an already hot stock market. The U.S. economy grew by 2.3 percent in the first quarter as compared to the 2% forecast. As geopolitical risks also ease, it looks like we’re in store for a bright Spring and Summer purchase season. But wait, not so fast! The all-important yield on the 10 year note crossed 3% this week – something it hasn’t done in 4 years!
So what does all this mean? As the economy continues to grow, rates continue to rise and we now have a peaceful Korean peninsula the only word that comes to mind is comfort. It looks like smooth sailing ahead. Let’s all get ready for the busiest purchase season ever!
The 30 year fixed rate ended the week at 4.250%.
That concludes our market update, we’ll be back in two weeks.
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