April 28, 2018 – Market Update20180427183801

April 28, 2018 – Market Update

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Good morning, SD Capital Funding’s Back with this week’s market update. Click here to listen and watch our audio update! The economy is firing on all ...
5 Ways We Keep YOU, the Client, HAPPY!20170825050036

5 Ways We Keep YOU, the Client, HAPPY!

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We’re putting YOU first and redefining the way you purchase a home!   We Care!  We take the time to make sure you understand the entire mor...
What to Expect During the Loan Process20170516133000

What to Expect During the Loan Process

STEP 1: ELECTRONIC LOAN APPLICATION AND DOCUMENT PACKAGE You’ll receive a secure link to E-Sign your documents, saving you valuable time. A Loan Estim...
What Exactly is PMI?20170224162248

What Exactly is PMI?

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PMI allows you to finance a home with less than a 20% down payment. For an extra monthly cost to you, PMI provides default insurance to the lender. Th...
Making the Leap to Ownership20170216165927

Making the Leap to Ownership

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For a while, many people were challenging the value of owning a home. In the midst of the “financial crisis,” some used history instead of the headlin...
6 Things Not To Do When Applying For A Mortgage20170207001629

6 Things Not To Do When Applying For A Mortgage

When lenders review your application, they like to see consistency in your finances. Do not make major purchases like furniture, appliances, jewelry, ...
Home Buyer's Guide20170125164954

Home Buyer's Guide

Comfort: At the end of the day, you need to feel comfortable with your Lender and Mortgage Professional. You will want someone who can take the time t...
Appraisal Process Explained20170125164832

Appraisal Process Explained

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THE ORDER We will order an appraisal on your home or potential new home, also known as the subject property. Federal and state appraiser independence ...